I guess I never thought love was something that was possible for me for one reason or another. Not to be a super white girl but it’s true that “we accept the love that we think we deserve” and sometimes that blinds us of accepting love. Not just romantic either, I mean from family, from friends, all of it. And that can be a really hard thing to deal with and something I did deal with for quite some time. This summer changed that for me when I met my boyfriend. If it’s true that we accept the love that we think we deserve then I really don’t deserve him. Jon is everything you could want in a friend, a partner, a confidant, anything and one of the few people who can make me genuinely happy about the world and even of myself. Having him visit this weekend was magical and I just want to scream from the rooftops how great he is. This posts will mostly fall on deaf ears but that’s alright and to whoever reads this, I hope you all find your Jon. And when you do, hang on tight and tell him how much you love him and of course write really sappy tumblr posts about him. So in closing, talenteddrunk, you’re great and I love you. 




there has never been a cool person called eugene



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"Ron, I should tell you. Most Muggles aren’t accustomed to seeing a flying car."

"Ron, I should tell you. Most Muggles aren’t accustomed to seeing a flying car."

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Draco Malfoy Appreciation Week
Day 5: Most Heartbreaking Moment

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the ones that love us never really leave us

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She talks about a close companion who struggled with coming out years ago, even though she would have had Nicks’s unconditional support. “The idea of carrying that secret around would have killed me,” Nicks says. “So I wouldn’t have [been in the closet]. If I were gay, the second that I knew, I would have said, ‘OK, everybody, this is how it is, and either you still like me or I don’t care.’ I think that if you are gay, you just have to say ‘It’s great!’ And hopefully you will find a great relationship. And hopefully all the straight people will find a relationship. And hopefully all the people like me who don’t care about having a relationship will continue to not care and just have a great dog. I’m not putting relationships down — I’ve had amazing relationships. But that is how I look at life.”

- Stevie Nicks, OUT [x]

these are beautiful photos. 

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The Inevitable Return of Stevie Nicks


Edge of Everything



The inevitable return of Stevie Nicks

piper chapman + emoji faces [x]

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"…the true master does not seek to run away from Death. He accepts that be must die, and understands that there are far, far worse things in the living world than dying.”

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